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Get to know the ADMINS!

27 Nov

On PBBC, we are now planning to take a step ahead with lots of creative ideas from our very own creative head of PBBC, whom you’ll get to know in the coming posts which is a new addition. Earlier we started with Shout Out, which is still on and we are giving shout outs to the new bloggers added to PBBC. On the side note, we are thinking of adding another section “GET TO KNOW” where we would like you to know more about our old and new bloggers.

Some of you know a few bloggers who are old and famous, whereas most of the bloggers doesn’t know the newbies! PBBC is a family of Pakistani Bloggers, and we would like you to know each other by face and a lot more about them, apart from the Blog name and the real name.

We are starting this with getting to know the ADMINS of PBBC first.

Sarah Ali, owner of the blog Glossicious Beauty Blog (www.glossiciousblog.com) and the mind behind starting PBBC!
Sarah is from a small town in Punjab, Pakistan but was born and raised in the beautiful city of Lahore. She graduated in journalism. Sarah is a self confessed makeup addict/hoarder who loves travelling and photography. She loves bright pouts, peachy cheeks and heavy kohl-d eyes. She wouldn’t be seen without blushing blush cheeks and heavy kohl-d eyes.


Sarah Ali

1. When did you start blogging?
A – End of 2009 , which now seems like a long time ago now 🙂

2. What lead you to start a blog?
A – I am a self confessed shopaholic and makeup addict. These two factors made start reading blog and here I am now with a blog of my own. I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I had one since 2006 with random posts and tit bits from my trips . But I always had a thing for beauty & makeup. I used to put my mom’s Clinique’s lipsticks on , and adore her Chanel skin care. My father brings a lot of high end makeup for us. On one of his trip to Singapore, he asked me what I want; I was googling some new products available and was looking for some swatches, one thing leads to another and after a couple of moments ago , I was publishing my first post 🙂
P.S He bought me my first ever Chanel blush from his trip .

3. What is your blog about? Briefly describe.
A – My blog is all about my passion for makeup , shopping and traveling . On the Glossicious beauty blog , you’ll see me covering beauty, haul , travel stories 🙂

4. How does your blog reflect you?
A – I am not a professional makeup artist and have never gone through proper training. All my techniques and skills are self-taught and acquired through experience/blogs/you tube/magazines . So If I like something, I blog positively about it but I’m not one to use flowery prose … That’s not my style.

5. Who was your inspiration before starting the blog?
A – I admire Karen from makeupandbeauty and lipglossiping .

6. What do you enjoy most about blogging and being a blogger?
 A -Blogging gave me some dear friends, to which I am very thankful. They know who they are 🙂 I gotta admit beauty blogging introduced me to new brands and products. I love being able to work with different companies, and it means I try things that aren’t in my normal psyche .

7. What kind of blog posts do you prefer reading the most? Tags, Hauls, Makeup Tutorials, etc.
A – I LOVE haul posts 🙂

8. Apart from blogging, what other things keep you busy in life?
A – Let’s see when I am not blogging , I’m shopping 🙂 just kidding .One of my most favorite lazy day activities is sitting down with a good book. Traveling is in my blood . I am usually traveling once or twice in a month .

9. What does blogging means to you?
A – Blogging means everything to me, it’s like food for the soul. It is something which keeps me happy and mentally active since I spend most of the hours in a day thinking about what to post and new ideas.

10. What advice would you give to the new bloggers or to the one who wants to start blogging!
A – If you are new to beauty blogging , Just remember putting yourself out there will bring a lot of judgement and not everyone will give constructive criticism So Instead of getting discouraged , keep going . It’s all about passion and creativity .