PBBC Rules

NOTE: Before reading the rules, keep in mind that main purpose of this group is to have a platform for us bloggers where we can open our hearts out without being worried about any blogging politics –
This group is open for all the Pakistani beauty bloggers around the world who are proud of their country & their identity.

From now onwards, we will hand pick bloggers to be a part of this community. If you think you are fit for this community please read the below rules and fill the form.

  •  When PBBC is done reviewing the submitted blog thoroughly, we email them the HTML code of PBBC logo. In case of rejection, the blogger is notified.
  • New Blog Reviews can take upto 3 to 4 weeks after filling the form.
  • Blogs need to be original. No copying posts/photos from others, No fake giveaways, using other blogger’s names for samples and other scamming activities will not be accepted in this PBBC.
  •  Blogs need to be active. If you haven’t updated your blog for 3 to 4 months, you will be removed from this community. (We will consider the special cases, e.g., a blogger is going on holidays, moving house, has a medical condition, family emergencies etc. But you must inform us)
  •  No BAD Attitude. Any blogger found behaving inappropriately to other bloggers/people will be removed from this group immediately. We want bloggers who have self-respect, dignity, a professional attitude and respect blogging, their country & fellow bloggers.
  • Once removed from the community you will not be allowed to rejoin
  • In NO-WAY any Blogger is allowed to commit or represent themselves to ANY Brand or PR agency on behalf of PBBC without our consent. If we find out  that you are using OUR name to get freebies and payment for your blogs you will not only be removed from the community but also added to blacklisted bloggers list and all the Brand and PR Agencies will be notified. It is UNETHICAL to make commitments and promises on some else behalf only to get freebies and putting PBBC’s Reputation on stake.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, getting removed from the community because of unethical, inappropriate behavior & for violating norms & rules (of blogging & this community) will not only get you removed but you will also might not have the support of PBBC in future. Think before you talk or do anything because whatever you will do will circulate on the web forever.

We hope nothing is too complicated and you understand everything. We want our community to be strong & to be recognized worldwide and that is not possible if we do not support each other.

You can email us anytime at pakistanibeautybloggers@gmail.com


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