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Pakistan Beauty Blogger Swap 2014 – FAQ,Rules & Sign Up Dates

24 Feb

Pakistani Beauty Blogger Swap – FAQ

What is a Pakistani beauty/Makeup swap?

After the sign up, We will randomly assign a blogger to whom you will anonymously send the gifts. Once all bloggers receive their gifts, we will reveal their identity.

I am not a blogger , can i be a part of it?

Most certainly you can this time

What is the Budget?

This is the third swap we are arranging so the budget will be rs 1500-200

Does shipping include in the budget?

I am sorry but shipping doesn’t include in the budget

Can we tell what products we would love to have?

We will ask you to mention three wish list item , which is easily accessible, if other swapper can manage to get that , its great but to be honest its totally up to them. But we will make sure you get something nice you will enjoy and we will keep you updated .

Will i get a blogger for the same city as i am?

We will be pairing bloggers randomly. So we can’t promise that

I am short on money, can i back off?

We are giving a month to prepare, Of course we can’t force anything  , but last minute backing off will create such a hassle and in future we may only include selected members

I am not in Pakistan but i want to participate . possible?

Yes , we do take international bloggers and try pairing up with someone from same country or someone they can easily send gift without breaking the bank.

Pakistan Beauty Blogger Swap 2014 – Rules & Sign Up Dates

 After a great response, and lot’s of request by non-bloggers we are planning to do it for non-bloggers/members of PBBC group too. We will post 2 different forms on 1st March. One for bloggers and the other one for non-bloggers. The sign ups will be from be March 1March 10th ,2014.

On 15th March we will pair up all the girls with each other. It’s a “Secret Swap”, so you will know whom you are sending the gifts but you will not know who sent you one. When you send out the gifts, please don’t mention your names on the parcels (for those who are new to the swap).

The activity of sending out the gifts will start from 1st April to 30th April, which gives you ample of time from 15th March to order/buy gifts for your partner. This time we are doing it for a month because most of the girls order the products from online pages.

Remember, it is a “Secret Swap” in which we give out gifts. The sender should keep the “wishlist” of the partner in mind, whereas the receiver should also keep it in mind that it is a gift. We will also give a budget. Before we put up the forms, we would like to know the budget you would like to keep. We will do a poll here! Last time we had it for 2000, we can stick to it, we can make it less or rise it too, depends on the results of the poll.
Leave your suggestions (IF ANY) in the comments below, we would love to know what you girls have in mind

  • Gifts must be sent out between 1st April to 30th April 2014. This gives members approximately 30 days window to shop or place an order.
  • A tracking # is mandatory when mailing out your items.
  • The total gift value should be equivalent to the budget assigned for this swap
  • Item(s) must be NEW and never used, swatched or opened. Please avoid sending fillers .
  • Lastly, once you sign up please do not back out as it will cause problems with the assignment list.


We will update this post as soon as we get more questions/queries , please feel free to ask if there is anything thats confusing you. We want to make this event a fun and social one , so in future we can hold more activities like this