PBBC Weekly Blogger Shout Out- “The Happy Therapy” by Laila Mehkri

6 Dec

Laila is the editor of The Happy Therapy ,She calls her a newbie but we see an awesome blogger in making . You would agree with us once you get to know Laila  ;). She is a a medical student,and hardcore makeup and fashion addict.


Hello Gorgeous ! Please tell us about you ?
Hi, my name is Laila Mehkri, I’m a medical student, a makeup artist and a newbie in the beauty blogging world. I just completed my
third year of medicine and enjoying my holidays these days. I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden, but I have been living in Karachi,
Pakistan for 9 years now. I’m a hardcore makeup and fashion addict! I see something and I want it the next day..makeup cravings
are so tempting and hard to resist. I’m very fashionable, but I feel comfort has so much to do with the clothing we feel great in, the
pieces and things which say, “This is me”, same goes for makeup 🙂 Using makeup shows love for yourself. My blog is all about
makeup, beauty and fashion, my honest reviews on makeup products, products i’m loving, makeup hauls, fashion diaries will
include, new handbags, my designer clothes and everything that makes a woman feel beautiful 🙂 Always remember, LOOK YOUR

  • How did you start out in the world of beauty blogging?

I always wanted to start my own beauty blog, my love for makeup and fashion is so pure that I had to, HAD TO start with something
to show them babies that I really care and love. So, I just sat one day and decided and I had to do a fall lipsticks post and there it
was, my blog was ready and I was the happiest person on earth.

  • How would you describe your signature look?

My signature look is very simple, all I want is a flawless face, under eye concealer is a must! I love neutral smokey eyes, that has
always been my signature look, an easy shimmery eye shadow on the lids, a little transition color on the crease and a darker shade
on the outer V and loads and loads of mascara ( yes, I’m a spider eyelashes freak, I love them ). For lipsticks, I prefer pinks, peaches,
corals and orange colors, there is no particular shade for the look, I could wear a dark vampy lip with a dark smokey eye and I
would still feel great about it.

  • What five fantastic products do you use now and why do you love them?

1. Kryolan tv paint stick in Ivory for my under eye dark circles : I cannot live with out this product! I have tried tons of concealers
but nothing beats this! its creamy consistency and the coverage is just magic, hides away everything and makes my under eye look
2. The Body Shop All in One Face Base in shade 03: This is my go to foundation, I wear this almost everyday. It gives my skin such
an amazing glow, without looking cakey. I use this after I’m done with my under eye concealer to even out my skin tone. Best
powder foundation I have come across.
3. Mac lipstick in Impassioned: I have never been comfortable in wearing red on my lips, that is when Mac Impassioned comes
in…it is not a red, not a pink and not a coral, it is the most beautiful mixture of these three colors. It is a neon pink-red with a coral
warmth in it.
4. Loreal extra collagen mascara: I love to try out new amazing mascaras. For me, mascara is the best part of my makeup
routine…when you see your lashes from going ‘nuhh’ to ‘wow’, that’s when you realize its importance. This mascara is no different
from other Loreal mascaras I love and have always loved. This is my eyelashes’s new found love!
5. Milani baked blush in Luminoso: Every girl needs this sucker in her blush collection! When I say every, I mean it! This is the only
blush in my collection to which I keep coming back to on everyday basis. You know you have that, ‘what should I wear on my
cheeks today?’ idea…for me it just doesn’t work these days. I ALWAYS pick this one up to apply first!


  • We beauty bloggers always have a wishlist , Whats your top 3 wishlist items?

YSL Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen in shade 2 Luminous Ivory
Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter in 0 and 1
Viva La Juicy Couture Perfume
( These are on my wishlist for early next year ) Yippy!

  • What is in the future for “The Happy Therapy”?

More and more happy and satisfying therapies are in the future. I want to work on face of the day, outfit of the day posts in future.
Also on some nail of the day posts, for which I will have to start growing back my nails and stop biting them, I guess. I wish to do
more and more makeup haul posts because they make me happy and merry 🙂

You can read Laila’s review on The Body Shop All in One Face Base , which loves so much that she uses it almost everyday .

Remember You can check Laila’s blog and her facebook page for more awsomeness , Below are the link
And her facebook page link

PBBC Weekly Blogger Shout Out is a new feature , which will introduce Pakistani beauty bloggers and their work


5 Responses to “PBBC Weekly Blogger Shout Out- “The Happy Therapy” by Laila Mehkri”

  1. netspeedtest December 8, 2013 at 2:11 am #

    Laila Mehkri, write good blogs everyday. nice

  2. Naseem attar December 9, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    just visted your blog laila. Its really nice. Good job

  3. Style Chunk December 10, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    Interesting and very nice article and very good work thumbs up….

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