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Long time no post & New email addreess

2 Feb

Hi! Gorgeous Pakistani Beauty bloggers !

Remember me ?


Well what can i say ? Life is unpredictable . It took so many  turns in last few months that i was fully exhausted. To be honest 2011 didnt end well for me and my family . We had to leave city i grew up in and move to my parents village where we dont have access to modern world. But oh boy! well you almost ready to give up , Allah surprises you, 2012 started with happy happy days.

I am about to get married and move to USA (finally got the visa) and with this happy news i will like all of you to welcome Rabeeya , new member who will moderate this community with me.

please forward futire communications to email mentioned below

and i hope she will manage this community better  than me.

I am sorry for not replying to emails. I hope you will hear from me within next couple of days.