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Calling All Pakistani Beauty Bloggers

22 Aug

As a Pakistani beauty blogger, it was really  frustrating for me to see , Pakistani beauty blogger not familiar with each other.When i started Glossicious in 2009 , i was i guess only one around but now i see many little baby beauty blogs emerging , so i want to create a plate form where we can share weekly , monthly posts  links . Many things yet  have to be decided.
I have only few rules like blog must be in English,if you are a new blogger , please make sure you plan to keep blog active.

Once you enroll you blog ,i will add your email / blog  to the mailing list, and then later you will receive an email asking for links exchange.Just copy and paste the Link  exchange into your text editor and post it on you blogs.

Make sure to follow your fellow Pakistani beauty blogs + subscribe to you tube channels. Its not compulsory but it will be a nice gesture of support.

Check out how it works here

email me if you are interested  :

Update : Pakistani beauty bloggers living outside Pakistan are most welcome and if you are a you tube guru , I would love to hear from you too, just email me so I can reply back with some ideas 🙂